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Geographic Presence

Centered in Austria, Powering Europe. Nestled in the heart of Europe, DKW Energiehandel GmbH proudly calls Austria its home. Positioned strategically in this Central European Gas Hub, we leverage our location to serve as a dynamic force in the energy sector across the continent. Through strategic collaborations with DKW associate companies and our broader group, DKW has established a robust and extensive geographic presence throughout Europe. Our reach spans from the picturesque landscapes of Western Europe to the thriving markets of the East. This expansive network enables us to navigate diverse regulatory landscapes, cultural nuances, and market dynamics, providing our clients with unparalleled access to energy solutions. Whether you operate in the bustling industrial centers of Germany, the progressive energy markets of the Nordic countries, or the emerging sectors in Eastern Europe, DKW is your dependable partner for energy services. Our geographic footprint is a testament to our commitment to meeting the energy needs of clients across the European continent. Contact us today to explore how our geographic reach can power your operations and contribute to your energy success.

Industrial Sectors

At DKW Energiehandel GmbH, our commitment to delivering energy solutions extends far beyond the boundaries of the energy industry. We take pride in serving a diverse array of industrial sectors, offering tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of each sector.

Energy Industry

As a stalwart player in the energy sector, DKW understands the intricacies and demands of the industry. Our expertise encompasses the entire energy supply chain, from trading and logistics to turnkey projects. We help you to improve your energy efficiency and to meet all legal requirements regarding CO2 savings. Whether you're involved in energy trading, power generation, distribution, or renewable energy, we provide comprehensive solutions to fuel your success.

Large Industrial Consumers

From manufacturing and production to technology and beyond, DKW extends its services to large industrial consumers. Our commitment to innovation and flexibility is particularly resonant with large industrials seeking ways to optimize their energy consumption and minimize costs.